No. 01

No. 01


The Future of Getting Around | Portland, OR

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Explore innovative transportation design and get a glimpse into the future of getting around Portland at Portland’s South Waterfront

You'll walk away having insider knowledge into things like: what we can expect more of as the region grows, how the color of Portland’s bike lanes was chosen, the reason we have and love the aerial tram, how light rail trains move around the city...and so much more. 

The whimsical map illustration evokes wonder in kids as you move along on your adventure. The activities ask your child to tap into their imagination and creativity to co-design getting around their future city.

Explorer/Editor: Jenafer Matthews
Illustrator: recent P.S.U. Design School grad Vee Chenting Qian
Logo/Identity: Portland Designer Karalie Juraska
Featured Contributors: Denver Igarta & Greg Raisman (PBOT) 

Printed locally in Portland, Oregon on 100% recycled paper
8 pages + full-spread, illustrated map and adventure guide
Size: 5.5" x 4.25”