No. 02

No. 02


For the Love of Food...
"Bee" Friendly to Pollinators | Portland, OR

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Discover totally new experiences, somewhat hidden neighborhood gems, and quirky elements that you could only expect from a place like Portland. Two of the three adventures are best done by bike - making for a perfect morning or afternoon outing. 

You'll walk away appreciating just how amazing (and necessary) bees and pollinators really are and simple things you can do to make sure they're still around when your kids are grown-up. 

Kids will delight in discovering what's drawn in between the streets of this wonder-filled map illustration. Don't forget to look along the borders for pollinator-friendly plants that our experts identified as some their favorites. This issue also features a fresh, kid-friendly recipe from a chef who put bee hives on top of a building in downtown Portland.

Printed locally in Portland, Oregon on 100% recycled paper
8 pages + full-spread, illustrated map and adventure guide
Size: 5.5" x 4.25”